April 16, 2018 Workshop

Escanaba Township Zoning and Planning Commission

April 16, 2018


Meeting was called to order by Jack Penegor.
Roll Call: present were Norn. Fleury, Cliff Barron, Ann LaBumbard, Ray Hughes, Barry King, and Jack Penegor. Rene Lippens absent.
Mr. Richard Smith from CUPPAD was also present.
The board started chapter by chapter and went through them. Chapter 2 needs the population updated.
Chapter 6 needs to be totally redone. Land uses, community facilities, State police post, voting hall. Is just a few examples from this chapter to be updated.
Chapter 7 update the census.
Chapter 8 update transportation, such as the airport, data bus.
Take Chapter 9 right out. The recreation plan covers this.
Chapter 10 list major pieces of equipment. Lay out a 5 year plan for the furture.
At home for the next meeting list all the good things that are in the township, and all the bad things which can be improved on.
Next workshop May 21,2018
Meeting closed at 9pm