November 6th Zoning/Planning Public Hearing

Escanaba Township Zoning and Planning Commission


November 6th, 2017

This Letter is to inform you that the Escanaba Township will be having a Public hearing.  This public hearing is for rezoning of Property #007-129-034-00-403d.  Robert and Barbara Barron, Located at 3920 County 416 20th rd. Gladstone.  Request to section the garage off to create a new property parcel with the intent to rezone this parcel from R3 to C3. This meeting will be November 6th, 2017 at 7:30 pm.

You are receiving this letter because you live within 300 feet of this parcel.

Residents are encouraged to attend.  You may express your opinions regarding this matter at the hearing, or you may write the Escanaba township 4618 County 416 20th rd. Gladstone Mi. 49837.


Thank you Carol King.