Escanaba Township Services

Escanaba Township provides several services, some which are mandated by State Laws and some that are not.

Three major mandated services include: Tax Collecting (done by the treasurer and their deputy). Assessing (performed by a state certified assessor) and Election Administration (done by the clerk).

Some of the unmandated services provided by the Township include a well maintained Volunteer Fire Dept., Township Hall where meeting and festivities are held, installation and maintain of all street lights in Township, garbage voucher system and an endless list of road work done each year through the Delta County Road Commission.

This web site contains separate sections for Escanaba Townships Fire Department, Township Hall, Recreation, Cemetery & Roads.

The annual trash vouchers will be available for use on May 1st 2012 by calling the treasurer or picking one up at the Township Hall on Wednesdays during summer tax season from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The vouchers are good for the free disposal of one load of trash up to 1000 lbs at the Delta County Landfill. A limit of two vouchers will be given to multiple property owners. The landfill is located at 5701 19th Ave N, Escanaba (off Danforth Rd). Landfill hours are: 8 to 3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Fridays. Thursday 8 to 6 & Saturdays 8 to noon. Vouchers may be used for tires (passenger is $2.50 each) removal of freon from appliances ($30.00) each and TV sets (now free) with a maximum of $30.00 per voucher. Computers may be brought to Goodwill in Escanaba for no charge & scrap metal can be brought to Coplans Iron & Metal at 1610 7th Ave N Escanaba, Reliable Recycling in Gladstone and A & L Recycling 2501 9th Ave North Escanaba. Household items such as paint & fluorescent bulbs can be brought to the Landfill free of charge at any time. Please try to recycle whenever possible!